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After 3 years of back pain, Allan skeptically tries EFT and is now pain free

I just have to share with you. I am a total neophyte when it comes to EFT. If there are skeptics around, I am of the first kind.
Three years ago I had a bad fall while sandboarding, resulting in a minor fracture on my spine. The healing was complete, but I could not sit upright for any length of time, without my back hurting. I have been struggling with this for more that three years, making traveling and sitting for any length of time difficult.

While traveling on a bus, reading through the EFT success stories, my back started hurting as usual. The skeptic in me challenged me to try EFT. I began with the setup and worked through the different point and the gamut pressure points. I did both sides of the body and waited.

Like ice cream melting silently in room temperature, the pain eased off and completely vanished. I sat still, disbelieving, waiting for the pain to come back as the bus swayed along for another half an hour. It did not. It has been a few days, and the pain has not returned. The conclusion is simple: EFT works! No gimmick! Thanks for this new way of working with mind and body.
G. Allen Grootboom

Gary Craig COMMENT: This brief case by Allan Grootboom from South Africa would be a good one to give skeptics. It gives evidence that you don't have to believe in EFT for it to work.

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EFT saves a life by rapidly resolving suicidal depression

I have been reading EFT articles and have found that EFT is a very interesting and amazing technique. I have a counseling clinic and see a variety of issues come through the office. I decided to try some EFT on some of my more difficult cases just to see if it would work. Of course you know what I am going to say next. Yes, it works.

Gary Craig COMMENT: This is fabulous testimony to how well the basics can work. Note that Gerald has minimal training in EFT and, apparently, has not even read the EFT Manual. Nonetheless, he has generated significant results. Better EFT training, through our DVDs, will of course take him to much higher levels with his clients.

Recently I have tried EFT on such things as depression, smoking, and pornography. It has been a breakthrough experience. However, last night's phone call took EFT to a whole new level for me. I received an emergency phone call from one of my clients that I see regarding depression.

It was so bad that he was suicidal. In the past when a client threatens suicide and all my red flags go up, I call the hospital and have a person committed. Not often, of course, but when they tell me they are leaving my office to go kill themselves, I don't have a choice but to intervene for their safety. This client was at that level. I decided to try EFT before any other drastic measures were taken. I started with tapping 4 rounds:

  • * Even though I want to kill myself...
After that, other issues surfaced and we tapped as follows:

  • * Even though I am so depressed over my wife leaving me...
  • * Even though I grieve over my children being gone…
  • * Even though I have lost my job and feel hopeless...
  • * Even though I feel so lonely from losing her and I'm very angry about it...
By the time we finished, my client no longer wanted to take his life. He wanted to live and keep going forward. Of course we have a lot of work to do starting immediately, but I just think of all the suicide victims there have been in this year alone and I wonder how many would still be alive it EFT had been applied.

It is one thing to counsel a client and see long term progress.
It is also one thing to see immediate results from emotional issues.
But it is quite another to use the EFT method to save a life.

I am humbled and honored to have come across this technique and to be able to use it. It is great for daily living and successful in bringing people out of their past and into their future. But I never dreamed it could possibly bring someone from the brink of death.
Humbly, Gerald

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Using EFT for Vision Correction

The vision in my left eye had deteriorated from 20/20 to 20/50 in just a couple of months. The optometrist said that this was very unusual and that I needed to come back in six weeks to see "how much worse it gets" and that the only thing they could do was another surgery on that eye. He took an infrared image of the eye that mapped the shape of the cornea.

Well, the challenge was issued and I decided to immediately start using EFT to correct my vision and avoid another laser surgery. I had six weeks.

So the tapping started and I tapped every day for about three weeks. I would tap every night before I went to sleep and sometimes I would sit and tap for 30 minutes during the day in addition to the bedtime ritual. I never rated my intensity when doing the tapping as I imagined the intensity to be the 20/50 eye test score. I did some general tapping on the issue and these I used daily:

  • Even though my vision keeps deteriorating, I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • Even though my left eye's vision is only 20/50, I choose to have perfect vision in both eyes.
  • Even though everyone in my family has poor eyesight and I thought that was my destiny as well, I choose to have perfect vision.
  • Even though I can't remember ever having perfect vision, I deeply and completely accept myself and forgive myself for any contribution that I might be making to my deteriorating vision.
  • Even though I can't remember ever having perfect vision, I DESERVE to have perfect vision.
  • Even though the doctor expects my vision to get worse, I choose to believe that my vision can improve – it improved with this miracle surgery, it can improve with EFT.
After two weeks of tapping regularly, I sat down again for about an hour and thought about my eyes as entities separate from me. I had this huge realization that my eyes had been operating in a specific way for 75% of my life and they were in the habit of deteriorating – they didn't know any better. Furthermore, I interfered with their deterioration by getting laser surgery so while I corrected the results of the deterioration; I had not corrected the Reasons for the deterioration of my vision. The following tapping phrases evolved during that hour.

  • Even though my eyes don't know that it is ok to be able to see, I deeply and completely accept myself and give my eyes permission to see perfectly.
  • Even though my eyes are in the habit of getting worse and worse, I forgive my eyes and give them permission to get better and better.
  • Even though my sisters and I competed to see who had the worst eyesight, I forgive myself for playing this stupid game and I choose to have the best eyesight.
  • Even though everyone in my family has bad eyesight, I can still be a Wheeler and have perfect vision.
  • Even though I was taught to believe that nobody's perfect, I deeply and completely accept myself and I choose to believe that I can have perfect vision.
While tapping on these phrases, there was a lot of yawning on my part and I knew that I was shifting something. When I felt inclined to do so, I included the 9-gamut and eye rolling.
Following the intuition that I have come to rely on when using EFT for clients, and myself I tapped:

  • Even though my eyes always get worse for my birthday, I give my eyes permission to get better every year.
  • Even though one of the few things that I could always count on was that my eyes would get worse, I deeply and completely accept myself and forgive myself for being attached to deteriorating vision.
The six weeks finally passed and I had the infrared eye scan again to map the eye. The optometrist asked how my left eye vision seemed now. I told him that I thought that it was better about two weeks ago. He said that maybe I just got used to the lesser vision. He opened the eye chart to the last spot that I could read six weeks ago and with my left eye, I read the lines and kept reading, including the tiny letters at the side of the chart that said 20/20! He looked at the eye map and the shape of my cornea had changed slightly in six weeks. He had never seen that happen before.

In my six years of doing EFT, I have witnessed many remarkable shifts with clients, family, friends and myself. So, when I decided to do EFT for my vision, I did so with a sense of curiosity, hoping for the best. When I was told that my vision was 20/20 again, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was because of my use of EFT. I had continued working on the computer and didn't change anything else. As Gary says, try it on everything!

Christine Wheeler, MA is an EFT practitioner, writer, and researcher living and practicing in Vancouver, BC.

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Gloria Arenson writes about it
EFT For Procrastination
QUOTE: "Telling a procrastinator to buy a Blackberry or Day Planner to keep track of her life is like telling someone with depression to just think happy thoughts. It is more than a bad habit. It's not about using Willpower. Procrastination is a compulsion.
My definition of compulsion is: If you cannot control when you start or when you stop a substance or behavior, you have a compulsion. ..... Putting things off is also a solution to other problems. Once I understood that dynamic, I decided to apply the same approach with procrastinators that I use with other compulsive clients. "

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